7 Best Free Affiliate Traffic Sources

Recently, several affiliate platforms have emerged from which you can drive free affiliate traffic make extra cash asides your income. To earn cool cash via affiliates platforms, you must be able to drive good traffic to your targeted location or sites. You can make use of the paid ads on the different social networks, although

Affiliate CPA Marketing For Beginners – Complete Tutorial

Recently, diverse ways to make money online, especially as an affiliate, keep increasing daily. Different companies offer affiliate platforms, amongst which is the affiliate CPA marketing for beginners. These platforms will help to improve the turnover of companies hence expanding their businesses. In the world of online marketing, the popular term used is ‘affiliate marketing’.

21 Highest Paying Apps 2020

Do you need some extra bucks? If yes, I wrote this article for you because I will be sharing some highest paying apps to help you earn some additional cash.   A recent study shows that the average adolescent now spends about 5hours per day on their phones. This is according to a survey carried

How To Open PayPal Account in Nigeria

Good news, you can now open a PayPal account in Nigeria. It became accessible to the resident of Nigeria since 2014.   On the other hand, opening a PayPal account used to be available only to Nigerians living in countries where PayPal is in operation and registered, but alas, you can now open PayPal account

How to Make Money with Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

  Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is yet to be tapped goldmine with its ease of operation, flexibility, and commission earned.   However, many online stores both home and abroad are expanding their tentacles by engaging in affiliate marketing in Nigeria, thereby increasing customers’ awareness, patronage, and ultimately earning more money.   Affiliate marketing entails making